HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS is the ultimate tribute to Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet band!  This NJ based powerhouse has set out to re-create everything about Bob and his music right down to the smallest detail.The band prides themselves on continuing the amazing groundwork laid down by Bob over the past 30 years.  HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS share the belief that only Bob and his fans have come to know, learn and love:  Represent the voice of every fan- his or her own values, working-class background, and the love of Rock and Roll.  If you are a true Seger fan, only then will you share the personal redemptions that HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS humbly accepts from rising above the daily grind and delivering a high powered, professional show. 

 "The show went great! Best sales for a show all year! Probably the best musicians I've ever hired! Thank you again for everything!"

-Derek McKown, Promoter for Yankee Bush Productions


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