Brenda, Nashua, NH

Saw you last night at the Tupelo Music Hall in Derry, NH. First time I've been to the Tupelo. Great venue! Your show was amazing. Every note, every member was absolute perfection. What a great time I had. Thanks for bringing me back 40 years with some of the best rock and roll ever! And thanks Bird for the pick you used in the show. It was the icing on the cake after an already incredible evening.

Jaw Tooth, Mount Orab, Ohio

You guys packed the place and this was the best show ever in Mount Orab, Ohio~! I made a video for YouTube of the show if you want to see it. It came out great from the front row!

Sean, Clayton, NJ

So excited to have found you guys and can only hope you come down to the South Jersey area sometime soon. Keep it classic!

Ken, oswego,il.

You guys rocked Rivers Edge, with some of the best music ever recorded. The whole band was fantastic. Very impressive performance, sounded like Bob and his band!! Hope to see you guys back here next year!

Dennis Weaver, Aurora, Illinois

Best show we have seen at River Edge Park, fantastic job. Hope the one member is feeling better.

Marion McCoach, Mt Orab

Saw you last night and I could have listened to you all night. You all are the BEST. Best band Mt Orab has had. Please come back soon.

Marion McCoach, Mt Orab

Saw your band last night at music in the park Mt Orab and you all were awesome. We have seen many bands at park but your band is by far the BEST we have seen. Love you guys . I could aha s

jan stickney, genwva ill

wish you would play in ill more you guys are great

janet stickney, geneva

saw you in aurora last night you were great , hope you come back

Lane, Riveredge aurora

My wife and I saw you last night, I am 67, been fan of Bob Seeger since I was a teen, must admit, you sounded like them in their prime and demonstrated that you and your band are top talent. Hope u come bsck

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