Lori Baker, Vineland, NJ

FANTASTIC SHOW tonight in Vineland. Will be seeing you again. Come back to our neck of the woods soon. We have a bet going Rick, is one of the backup singers your wife?

Steve, Myrtle Beach, SC

Saw you guys at the Carolina Opry. The show was awesome.. I hope you guys make this a yearly stop. I told all my friends about it. You all are so talented.

Bill, Surfside Beach, SC

Hey Hollywood Nights, Thanks for coming south. We followed you in PA before we moved 3 years ago. Loved those Bensalem concerts. So happy to have seen your show yesterday. Everyone is so talented. I brought a crew with me. They all loved the show. Hope you get home safe and the insurance covers your accident damages. Come back soon.

Shirley, North Myrtle Beach, SC

So happy you’re finally coming to the Myrtle Beach area. Saw you preform at the Hainesport amphitheater around summer, 2014. However, this time around it’s not a free concert. Paying to see you at he the Carolina Opry theater, April 25th. You’re worth it!

Fran J., Mentor, Ohio

You were supposed to play Mentor Rocks Ampitheater June 30th and now you aren't on the schedule any longer... Really bummmed! We have seen you at Lock 3 Akron twice and Mentor Rocks last summer. Love love your band, sounds just like Bob Seger!!! Come back to Mentor, PLEASE!!

Richard Jackson, Harrisville NH

Your band rocked the Palace Theater in Manchester NH. Looking forward to seeing your next show. Home you return to the Palace soon.

Karen, Amherst, NH

I have loved Bob Seger since I was 15 and seen him five times. This was my first time seeing a tribute band. You guys are amazing. If I closed my eyes, I would swear I was at a Seger concert. Your performance in Manchester's Palace Theater tonight was exceptional, electrifying. My girlfriends and I were blown away. Thank you. I hope you come back to our area soon.

James Marceda, Woodbridge VA

Caught the Fall Church, VA this past Friday and it was fantastic. Still buzzing. I write about Rock & Roll for Medium . I posted a show review and posted the link below. Thanks for the great music and evening. The review link is as follows: https://link.medium.com/UU95MTl1i4

Mike Sawyers, Alexandria VA

I am coming to the show in Falls Church VA tonight, 21 Feb. This if the first time on your website. I just finished reading Rick's blog and the goose bumps on my arms and back have not subsided. My first experience with Bob Seger was exactly like his. It was July, 1976. I was 14 years old and all I wanted in the world was to see Kiss, so I made my first great lie to my parents about where I was, sleeping over with friends, and off I went with a bunch of 16 and 17 year old's to the concert. You see 14 year old's in the Bible Belt did not go to a show with Devil Worshipers like Kiss. The concert was at Freedom Hall Civic Center, Johnson City TN. We drank cheap liquor chased with beer on the drive over, another first for me. We bought tickets at the window, and we were set. Our seats were not front row, like Ricks, but the electricity was the same. Then this skinny hippy I had never heard of came out, asked us if we wanted to rock, and then proceeded to blow me and the crowd away. This was my very first rock concert, and Bob Seger became my main man. 18 months later i got a beat up car, with an 8-track tape player and I bought Live Bullet the next day. Since 83, I have seen Bob on every tour he has performed. I look forward to the show tonight. Know there are kindred spirit in the audieance. Mike

Maria, Tarrytown, NY

Saw you guys for the first time last week!! Please come back to NY!! We left in awe! Great music! Vocal perfection! Talented musicians! So authentic sounding!! Far exceeded our expectations! Sounded like the real thing!! Great performance!

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