Stuart Dunn, E. Waterboro Maine

We went to the 3-18 show in Rochester, NH. Great show and what a talented band! I love Seger and sang in a few bands that included several Seger tunes so I was really keeping my eyes and ears on how true you were to the artist. You guys nailed it and should be proud of carrying on in his honor. Thank you for a great night.

Laura Athans, Rochester NH

First time seeing Hollywood Nights. They rocked the old Opera House for sure! Will definitely see them again!

April , Rochester NH

I was at the show last night @ the Rochester Opera house with family. The show was amazing. Had such a good time. Look forward to you coming back next year!

Lars and Birgitta Nilsson , Morristown

Hi! We where at the show in Morristown and this was a great evening i Lasse hade his birthday and we love Bob Seger so we hade to go to the show. We where in New york for holliday and take this trip to Morristown. You where so close to the real Bob and this is a great memory for us and we lovet your show. Big greatings from Sweden Birgitta and Lasse.


Every one of you guys (and of course I mean also the girls) were great musical professionals. So much talent on one stage. Sorry, your other FL concerts were cancelled, but thanks for coming for our one show. And I love that bus. Hope that you come back to Circle Square again next year. I'll be first on line to buy tickets.

Tonya, The Villages, FL

We just saw your show in FL 2/24, absolutely fantastic!!! Amazing talent and awesome show! We are originally from the Seacoast NH area & told our friends how great your concert was. We already have 8 friends & family who bought tickets to see you at the Rochester Opera House 3/18 in NH. We will definitely follow you to see you again. Thanks for the Bob Segar experience.

Gary, Ocala

I have been to a zillion concerts and not sure I have ever seen that much talent on one stage. My favorite is Like A Rock and you nailed it. Loved the down to earth interplay with audience.

Dany, Ocala, Florida

Awesome show at Circle Square Cultural Center, the Band is perfect!

Phil Hall, Ocala, Fl

Awesome show as usual, nice to hear the new song. Did you ever consider Long Twin Silver Line. Powerhouse vocal on that but you could handle it no problem

Bob Shaw, Somerset County NJ

First time seeing Hollywood Nights at The Arts Quest in PA tonight. AWESOME show.

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